Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Day 3:  COMPLETE...It was a wonderful day.  I walked and I ate my healthy food.  It is amazing what can happen in all of three days or seventy-two hours.  I 'm breaking through.  I was thinking about some kind of deep seated issue in my life that has caused me to have this wrong relationship with food and exercise.  How I have got to dig it all up, but it's not any deep seated issue.  The elephant in my room name is UNDISCIPLINED.  The deep issue is that I have never been taught the meaning of nutrition and exercise.  Growing up as a child my parents let us eat pretty much what we want.  There was just know boundaries with food.  If it taste good go for it.  No concern about portion size. No concern about eating foods that will raise the blood pressure.  No concern about foods when over indulged will cause the kidneys to shut down. Get the biggest plate and whatever you put on it you betta eat all of it cause we don't have money to be wasting on food.  I mean we were not allowed to eat candy all day but if we were hungry we could eat.  We didn't have to ask to go into the fridge to eat.  My mom could cook and I loved to eat whatever she cooked.  As a child if the food was good then you ate it until you got full.  No one was looking on the back of the box to read the ingredients.  We just ate it.  So this is my ah ha moment.  Food is here to serve me and exercise is to keep me alive.  I'm getting disciplined and educated about food.  It's not just here to indulge for pleasurable reasons but it's like the gas in the car it keeps you able to go forward.  If I'm gonna have a smooth ride and keep the quality of my car up to par I must ride with Grade A gas.  If I plan to live a health life I must fuel my body with Grade A food and proper exercise.  Wow!  That's it.  I have evicted the elephant!  He's out of here....I hear that song by Ray Charles..."HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON'T YOU COME BACK NO MO NO MO NO MO NO MO HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON'T YOU COME BACK NO MO!...WHAT YOU SAY..."  LOL   Now at the end of my day I can say once more and again...COMPLETE.

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