Monday, February 14, 2011


Getting started again.  Weight loss has been the biggest challenge in my life!  I can just scream when I think about exercising and loosing weight.  I can also cry and kick.  I hate to even start AGAIN!  In my mind I'm thinking..."Gurl you have been on this road a zillion trillion times and failed."  Anywho I have not only became lazy with working out but I have created a eating disorder.  YEP!  Sho have.  All I think about is food and eating.  I eat even when I'm not hungry.  While I'm eating I never get full.  It's like I become agitated when I'm not able to eat something sweet or especially my fast foods.  I HAVE GOT TO HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT!  Really it's like a monster inside of me and I hate it.  While battling the mental part of this reoccurring challenge I'm faced with the aches and pains that my body goes through on a daily basis.  My legs hurt.  My feet and hands are always swelling. It's hard for me to get up and down out of a simple sitting position.  Oh don't even mention putting on clothes..everything looks horrible on me.  I tried on a size 24 the other day and could not button the jacket up.  I was so out done!  Okay.  Now that we have all of that out guess what....I'm still FAT.  So I do realize that if I'm gonna have a change of life and really live my best life I'm gonna have to put in the HARD work and that's it.  So today I got up off my aches and pains and I walked for about 30 mins. around my neighborhood.  Which is about three times around the block.  My goal word for the week is..COMPLETE My goal is to complete for this week 3 times around my block and eat things that will benefit my bodies good health and that's it.  I will complete this task this week.  I hope that these post will encourage someone with these same challenges but mostly it's a way for me to get painful thoughts out without talking about them out loud.  Thanks for your time and remember the word for the week is COMPLETE.  Complete that which you have set out to accomplish today and don't let nothing stop you.


  1. I follow you on YouTube. I wish we lived near each other so we could walk together and encourage each other. I'm with you in the struggle but we have to do it this time. I told the Lord I want to see my grandbabies. And I want them to have memories of me. I have a long way to go because my child is only six. So I gotta start right now. We can do it. Praying with you.

  2. I started wt watchers last week for the millionth time. I ache all over to and weighed in at 222lbs. the most i have ever weighed in my life. coming off of holiday eating and just gluttony which is a sin before God. I too want to be the best I can be. Let's pray for each other!